other islands loose lips guest mix

other islands is a musician and DJ from London, currently based in Mexico City. They are one half of the experimental experimental pop duo error_lake and co-run the label and night near dark based in Peckham, London. They have a monthly show on Threads Radiotheir mix for loose lips brings together recent tracks from some of their favourite artists and labels.

f-instrum – MPU101 [Ilian Tape]
Prosodies – Corell [Comic Sans Records]
Little Talkin Do You Know – Joanne Robertson [AD 93]
i wasn’t u – eliel [eliel]
Dirge (Autolysis) – 111X [CHANGELESS]
Acéptalo – Mantris Nikkita [HiedraH Club de Baile]
Hostile City – baby_asl [AP Life]
Likshot – Surusinghe [Steel City Dance Discs]
Contorno Rojo – Octopic [WAVAWAV]
Retiembla – el Irreal Veintiuno [Infinite Machine]
Kalani – Lupone [WAVAWAV]
Vnvsnse – Agazero [Precious Metals]
andesanya – kotrina [kotrina]
all else said – other islands [other islands]
Kalamide – Swordman Kitala & Tim Karbon [Promesses]
BMX – Dj Narciso [Dj Narciso]
HYPER – CLEMBO SLICE [Hypersonics]
Aisle – XHL UNIT [TAR]