other islands w/ Golden on threads* september 2023

Songs and club experiments from around the globe. Includes a guest mix from Golden, a DJ and producer from Monterrey, Mexico, focused on bringing fast, accelerated rhythms from bass, juke, techno, and club music to the dancefloor.

Canciones y experimentos de música club global. Incluya un guest mix de Golden, una productora y DJ de Monterrey, México, que se concentra en llevar ritmos rápidos y acelerados, desde el bass, juke, techno y club, a la pista de baile.

#club #ambient #experimental #postpunk #ukg #juke #breaks #techno #bass


other islands:

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other islands mix:

scratch the surface – ex.sses [TT]

It’s In My Head – Provoker [YEAR0001]

GUNZ – Gaika [Big Dada]

Déjà Vu ft. RiTchie – Loraine James [Hyperdub]

if only you knew (feat. ECCO2K) – oxhy [xquisite releases]

Blow Out – Overmono [XL Recordings]

Acecho – Imaabs [Majía]

Reptiluna – Buena Tarde [WAVAWAV]


T2 Flip – Pholo [Pholo]

Feenin’ – Speaker Music [Planet Mu]

Golden guest mix:

Jam Sin Titulo – DJ One Go, Un Dilema, Regal 86 [DJ One Go]

Gimme Gimme – ERAM (Nova Cheq remix) [Gimme A Break Records]

La Luz – Maté [JERRY HORNY]

Unisil (Ecstasya Rave Tool) – SOPHIE [Ecstasya]

Push The Body – Doctor Jeep (Aquarian Remix) [Tra Tra Trax]

Swooh – My platform Sneakers [TETE VIDE]

I’m Lonely (Alek Juked Out Edit) – Hollid P Monroe [Juke Bounce Werk]

Ragga Riddem – Dj Manny and DJ Phil [MOVELTRAXX]

Dr. Gonzalez – Sexapil [WAJANG]

Eyeyayey – Alejor [Alejor]

Cloudwalker – Truman [Truman]

Sexapil – Pingers 5 [WAJANG]