other islands w/ Orihuela MSS on threads* may 2023

Songs and club experiments from around the globe. Includes a guest mix from Orihuela MSS,  a producer and DJ from Puebla, Mexico.



Canciones y experimentos de música club global. Incluya un guest mix de Orihuela MSS, un productor y DJ de Puebla, México.




Insta: @_otherislands

Twitter: @_otherislands

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/otherislands

Website: https://otherislands.info


Insta: @orihuelamss

Twitter: @OrihuelaMSS

Facebook: @OrihuelaMSS

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/orihuelamss 

Website: https://orihuelamss.taplink.ws/




other islands mix


000000000 (开系先知印记) – bod [包家巷] [bod [包家巷]]

The Boy With a Smile – Arthur Russell [Audika Records]

Destroying Angel – James K [TT]

Tóxic@ – Sueuga [Precious Metals]

Yallah Beibe – MC YALLAH [Hakuna Kulala]

Templo Perdido (Ranma En-contrado Remix) – Dj Fucci x Benfika [WAVAWAV]

Dust Particle – D3U5E [Sneaker Social Club]

Sinais – Bianca Oblivion & ONHELL [NAAFI]

all else said – other islands [other islands]

Shadow of Death (Nammy Wams Remix) – ENDGAME [Precious Metals]

2017 – First Circle [First Circle]

Idle Time – Jonnah, Salma Rosa [Comic Sans Records]




Orihuela MSS guest mix