other islands w/ Ranma Entero on threads* june 2023



Songs and club experiments from around the globe. Includes a guest mix from Sergio Téllez, aka Ranma Entero (fka vani), an audio engineer, producer, DJ, and purist artist that will always find time to listen to anything in order to keep growing musically in an age of musical plenty. With releases in Vnión, Ineffable, Krema, Aquí-No, WVWV and Antimateria Sonora, Ranma has acquired a distinctive style in his production where sample and harmony co-exist. Co-founder of WVWV, a Mexican record label that quickly left a mark and set the tone of latin american talent with barely a year of foundation. His versatile musical taste and capacity to build an audible history are the reason why he has been featured in distinguished platforms such as The Lot Radio, Friendly Potential, For Home Use Only, Noods, Aire Libre, Ibero 90.9, Radio Sofá, among others.

Canciones y experimentos de música club global. Incluya un guest mix de Sergio Téllez aka Ranma Entero, un ingeniero en audio, productor y dj oriundo del Estado de México. Con lanzamientos en Vnión, Ineffable, Krema, Discos Sentimiento, Antimateria Sonora y Mad Breaks. Ranma ha marcado una distintiva producción donde gobierna la armonía y el sampleo. Co-fundador de WVWV, sello discográfico mexicano que se enfoca en apoyar el talento latinoamericano. Su versátil gusto musical y capacidad para construir una historia audible lo han llevado a plataformas como The Lot Radio, Friendly Potential, Noods, Aire Libre 105.3, Ibero 90.9, Radio Sofa, HKCR, entre otras.


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Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/otherislands

Website: https://otherislands.info


Insta: https://www.instagram.com/ranmaentero/ 

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ranmaentero/ 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ranmaentero 

Bandcamp: https://ranmaentero.bandcamp.com/ 

WVWV Bandcamp: wvwv.bandcamp.com

Mixcloud: mixcloud.com/ranmaentero


other islands mix:

Quiet Pop – Boy Lucid [Cherche Encore]

Deep end ft. Yayoyanoh – c0sti [TT]

MARIPOSA ARDIENTE – Paul Marmota [Paul Marmota]

2003 – Loraine James [Hyperdub]

& Eternal Violence – Kat Nzingha x Skyshaker [AngeltribeXTL]

Midnight Ontario Dub – Jessy Lanza [Hyperdub]

DIMADRUGZ – Dj Narciso [Dj Narciso]

Minerals – Hiiro Issiki [Bedouin Records]

Costa Brava – Imaabs & Merca Bae [NAAFI]

ACT05_PART08 – BOXED IN – Voronhil [CLAM]

Lastmin_Res – KW [Ilian Tape]

Lágrimas (w/ Aquamute) – KOI [WVWV]

Slomo Strut (ZULI remix) – 3Phaz [TraTraTrax]

Too Bad – LMAJOR [WNCL Recordings]

Ranma Entero guest mix:

You – Xenia Reaper [INDEX:Records]

Narcolepsia – Ranma Entero [WVWV]

Tencho – Ranma Entero [Unreleased]

Nag – Ranma Entero [Ineffable]

Agar – Ranma Entero [Unreleased]

Potentials (Jana Rush Remix) – Zoë Mc Pherson [SFX]

Clean – Naco [Forthcoming WVWV]

Glacier Zone ft. DJ Total 90 – Pizza Hotline [WRWTFWW Records]