other islands w/ Undrwght on threads* july 2023

Songs and club experiments from around the globe. Includes a guest mix from Undrwght, a producer and DJ from Tlaxcala, México, based in Mexico City. His music explores a wide spectrum of sounds from global club music, resulting in a sound that is melodic, dynamic, and grounded in low end frequencies.

Canciones y experimentos de música club global. Incluya un guest mix de Undrwght, un productor y dj de la zona centro de Tlaxcala, México, y radicado en CDMX. Undrwght es un productor musical que en el amplio espectro de la música electrónica, explora diferentes vertientes de la música “club” global y nacional, sumado a un sonido melódico, dinámico y de frecuencias bajas.


#club #ambient #experimental #breaks #kuduro #2step #jungle #pop

insta: https://www.instagram.com/_otherislands/
twitter: https://twitter.com/_otherislands
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/otherislands
website: https://otherislands.info
insta: https://www.instagram.com/undrwght
twitter: https://twitter.com/undrwght
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/undrwght
bandcamp: https://undrwght.bandcamp.com/


other islands mix:

Approximate Location – Nick Malkin [OOH-sounds]

FAKA – Mantris Nikkita prod. Kitaraas [T.A.U]

Clown – Amnesia Scanner & Freeka Tet [PAN]

Aero Angel – Bby Eco [Bby Eco]

Illuminato – Nahash [SVBKVLT]

B Zero – t0ni [t0ni]

Dogs – Martha Skye Murphy [AD93]

DOIDAS – Dj Narciso [Dj Narciso]

Charmed – Lili Castiglioni & Vilhelm. [Promesses]

Ñañaras – Loe [NAAFI]

Acheron – Chemist & Tom E Vercetti [Circadian Rhythms]

Wali – Saint Abdullah & Eomac [Planet Mu]

Holes in Space – Greenleaf [Pinecone Moonshine]


Undrwght guest mix:

Again – Undrwght [Unreleased]

??? – DNZA x Undrwght [Unreleased]

??? – Santa Niña x Undrwght [Unreleased]

Tool 008 – Santa Niña [Santa Niña]

??? – DNZA x Undrwght [Unreleased]

Hawwa – KOI [Unreleased]

Poneglyph – Undrwght [Unreleased]

Suspiro del mar – Undrwght [Unreleased]

Combustión – Microhm (KOI Remix) [EKŌ]

Baile de los malos – Santa Niña [Santa Niña]

??? – DNZA [Unreleased]